Weddings can be expensive but they don’t have to be a financial burden. With CashWeddingGift couples can start on the road to realizing their financial dreams before, during and after the big day. Our goal is help couples start their lives together with smiles on their faces and some money in the bank!

That’s exactly what CashWeddingGift founder David Brownlee needed when he got married in Amalfi, Italy in 2007. “My wife and I already had all the household items we could use. We didn’t want to lug presents home. What we really wanted were cash presents, and a safe, convenient way to receive them.” Brownlee started working on the idea that would become CashWeddingGift after his honeymoon and is confident that he’s now found a way to help other brides and grooms who would also prefer cash over china. “Our mission is to help wedding couples realize their financial hopes and dreams,” he says.

The team at CashWeddingGift is always working to offer you the best customer service experience and to make your interaction with our service as enjoyable as possible. We value your privacy and work hard to make all financial correspondence with our site safe and secure.

Our offices are based in sunny San Diego, California, where we enjoy destination-wedding weather all year long.  Please drop us a line with your questions and feedback.

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Thanks for visiting CashWeddingGift.com!


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